SZÉP kártya elfogadóhely


Each year the local people of Tótújfalu have a special Catholic Celebration. It is connected to the protecting saint – Saint Anna – of the village. Traditionally, it is held in July. Families gather and all family members that moved from their birthplaces come and have joy in meeting each other. They go together to the Catholic Temple to take part in the holy mass.
In the afternoon native Croatian dance groups and singers feature in a programme held in the centre of the village.

There is a day – called the village day – that is annually organized for the same reason as the religious holiday in July.  Children have their own day when they have fun together, they eat together and play sports with the adults.
The whole village has a Christmas celebration in the local community centre.

Thanksgiving is held in the local Baptist Church each year.

We recommend the following programmes:

  • Watermelon Festival in Sellye
  • Pécs Days, Gastronomy Days
  • Zrínyi Days in Szigetvár
  • The Festival of Wine and Grapes in Siklós and Villány



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