SZÉP kártya elfogadóhely

The region:

It is a so-called ’green island’ of Hungary. The nature is pure and the fauna is rich . Peace and quiet is waiting for the visitors. Near river Dráva  we can have long walks and we may meet deer, hedgehogs and storks. The destination of tourists are in the neighbouring villages where 100-year-old houses and temples show the past of this region. The Croatian tradition is still alive and old ladies keep them so in cooking, baking and handycraft.

Fishermen can find small lakes to catch the fish. The Dráva is full of species and the water is so clean that we can see the fish  through the water.

The region is full of thermal spas. We recommend the following resorts:

  • Aquaparks in Barcs and Szigetvár (20 km)
  • Local spa in Sellye (20 km)
  • Thermal spa in Harkány (60 km)

A famous Otter Park is situated in Lábod. Our guests can travel by boat on the Dráva from the  pier of Barcs. Canoe tours can be arranged by tourist offices in Barcs (Dráva Tours).


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